What do Lima & Rocha, Lda. do?



We buy plots of land in strategic locations for construction of high standard villas. 

Knowledge, effort, hard work and professionalism are the essential requirements for the construction of a house. Competent and skilled professionals are decisive and one must be aware of new technologies.

We think that the most important is to believe in what we do. 

Lima & Rocha, Lda. is committed to investigating heavily in innovation. 

We use modern and up to date methodologies. Our main purpose is the quality of our services in order to satisfy our clients.

The company has maintained a steady growth in recent years. We are based in the Portuguese Algarvian town of Lagos since 2003. The quality of our service, excellent relationship with our business partners, our skill and experience to monitor and define the most appropriate solutions to the clients’ requirements, both in a technical  and price perspective, have been key factors for our excellent results in our area. 

Lima & Rocha, Lda. has many years of experience.

Lima & Rocha, Lda. always want to increase their knowledge and listen to who knows better. 

Our experience means quality assurance.

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