Why the Algarve?

The Algarve is a region in Southern Portugal, the third richest region of the country. Every year about 10 million holiday-makers visit the Algarve. Many have chosen and continue to choose this destination either to live temporarily or permanently.

The weather in the Algarve is hot in the Summer and mild with little rain in the Winter due to the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean.

The town of Lagos in particular is known for its diversified beaches, green fields and spectacular historical sites.

There are golf courses, nightlife, shopping centres and several supermarkets and traditional shops around residential areas.

Restaurants are on every corner. A variety of fish dishes and fresh seafood as well as traditional cuisine are served. All this accompanied by the “nectar of the gods” from different regions of Portugal and from different vine varieties.

Living in the Algarve is to feel in full communion with nature and enjoy the most relaxing tranquillity.

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The Algarve